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Canva PRO Lifetime

👑 Canva PRO is a Student Plan. You do not need to be a student to use it.

💎 Lifetime usage time.

✅ It is defined in your own account.

👤 Personalized – Personal use.

📌 No one can view your designs, including us.

⏰ Fast Service, 24/7 Uninterrupted Support


🚚 Fast Delivery


🔥 6 month guarantee!

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Canva Pro

Canva, a Sydney-based graphic and design application, is a social media application designed to create presentations, posters and social media visuals. Canva Pro application differs from other similar applications with its rich design library. It takes its place as a very popular application in the education sector.

Canva Pro provides free support to students and teachers to support education. The only requirement for this is to have a student certificate. Thanks to Canva Pro templates, designing from scratch is eliminated. This saves cost and time. Posters, videos, lesson plans and many other educational tools can be personalized in Canva Pro for ease of use.

What is Canva Pro Student Account?

Many of the lesson plans, reports, posters, videos, animations, Gifs are protected by copyright. In order to use, reproduce and publish such tools, people need to pay copyright. In Canva Pro web application, users do not pay royalties for such tools. Impressive presentations are realized with the tools in its rich library.

Teachers and educational institutions using the Canva Pro application have the opportunity to give impressive feedback to students in real time. It also enables students to participate in group projects and develop their skills. It allows sharing of assignments via Canva. Canva is 100% free for students.

Does Canva Pro Connect to Education Tools?

Canva Pro works compatible with classroom tools such as Blackboard, Google Classroom, Schoology, D2L, Microsoft Teams. With this feature, teachers who easily connect to the LMS, students have the opportunity to share homework and review their homework.

How to Transfer Canva Pro Designs?

In Canva Pro, it is possible to create groups and communicate with group members. A group member limit is 3000 in Canva Pro. Users who are included in a group have the opportunity to share the designs they have created in the group and make the necessary edits on them. Supporting designs with audio tools provides convenience.

For sharing designs, the design to be shared is opened in the application window. Click the Share button at the top of the design window. In the Anyone with the linke section, the whole group option is selected or some group members are selected. Transfer process is performed with CTRL+V key combination.

What are the Canva Pro Student Heba Features?

Users who create a Canva account do not pay any fee for this, Canva free version has limited possibilities. To upgrade to the Pro version, a fee must be paid. Students and teachers who will have the Canva Pro version do not need to pay any fee for the Pro account. Those with a free Canva Pro account have access to the app’s library;

100 million videos, images, premium photos,
More than 3000 fonts,
610,000 premium designs,
They benefit from the facilities free of charge. In this way, most of the time is allocated to education by using existing designs without having to design from scratch. Teachers activate their work by creating groups for their students with the links they create.

What Can Be Done With Canva Pro?

Canva Pro has many course tools. Services offered free of charge to students and teachers find application in some professional groups. In Canva Pro;


  • Presentation is made.
  • Graphics are prepared.
  • Logo is prepared.
  • Desktop wallpaper is prepared.
  • Poster is prepared.
  • Resume is created.
  • Video is prepared.
  • Course program is created.
  • Create a business card.
  • Invitation card is created.
  • Album cover is created.
  • Menu is created.
  • Certificate is prepared.

It allows many designs and formations such as. Moreover, while doing these, the person has the opportunity to edit their designs according to their own preferences. For those who are constantly doing visual work and cannot use tools such as Photoshop, it offers easy use with its simple interface. It provides the opportunity to use the prepared images on the computer and other applications.

What is Canva for Education?

Canva for Education is specially planned for educational institutions and teachers in many countries around the world. Those who are primary and secondary K12 institutions or educators benefit from the application free of charge in accordance with this plan. Moreover, students and student groups involved in education also benefit from the free program.

How to Get Canva for Education?

In order to be included in the Canva for Education application, the requirements needed by the application must be met. It is sufficient to be a K-12 educational institution and teacher deemed appropriate by Canva, to provide official documents, to have an education e-mail ID, and for teachers, to have a document proving that they are teaching. The submitted documents are reviewed by Canva and eligible educational institutions and teachers benefit from the application’s opportunities free of charge.

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