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Figma PRO 12 Months

✅ Delivered as an account (e-mail, password) personalized.
✅ 12 Months Usage Period.
✅ Personalized account.
✅ 100% Original product.


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Figma Pro is the paid subscription option of the Figma platform. Figma Pro provides access to additional features and benefits not available in the free version. Below are some of the features and benefits that Figma Pro can offer:

  1. Unlimited Projects: Figma Pro subscribers can create an unlimited number of projects. This is useful for users who want to manage multiple designs or projects.
  2. Unlimited Version History: Figma Pro provides access to the entire version history. This allows designers to retrospectively review their projects and go back to older versions.
  3. Additional Collaboration Features: Figma Pro has more advanced collaboration features. Users can collaborate more on the same project, make edits simultaneously and see changes in real-time.
  4. Advanced Sharing Controls: Figma Pro offers more sharing controls. Users can share their projects with specific people, give permission to edit or comment, or authorize view-only.
  5. Design Styles and Libraries: Figma Pro enables the creation of design styles and libraries. This allows you to easily share design components and styles to ensure consistency and reuse design assets.
  6. Software Integrations: Figma Pro has integration capabilities with third-party software. These integrations make it easy to integrate the design process with other tools and workflows


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