Windows Server 2019 DataCenter

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Windows Server 2019 DataCenter License

Windows Server 2019 DataCenter: Overview

Windows Server 2019 DataCenter is a comprehensive server operating system designed to support the demanding requirements of modern data centers. It provides advanced features and capabilities to ensure high performance, scalability, and reliability for mission-critical workloads.

Key Features of Windows Server 2019 DataCenter

Enhanced Virtualization

  • Hyper-V: Windows Server 2019 DataCenter includes Hyper-V virtualization technology, allowing organizations to create and manage virtualized environments efficiently.
  • Unlimited Virtualization: With DataCenter licensing, customers can run an unlimited number of virtual instances on a single physical server, maximizing resource utilization and flexibility.

Software-Defined Storage

  • Storage Spaces Direct (S2D): S2D enables organizations to create scalable and resilient storage solutions using local storage resources.
  • Storage Replica: This feature allows for synchronous and asynchronous replication of data between servers or clusters, ensuring data availability and disaster recovery.


  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN): Windows Server 2019 DataCenter includes SDN capabilities, allowing organizations to centrally manage and automate network infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Security: Features like Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) help protect against advanced threats and provide real-time threat detection and response.

Licensing Information

Windows Server 2019 DataCenter License

The Windows Server 2019 DataCenter license provides organizations with access to all features and capabilities of the DataCenter edition. Key aspects include:

  • Per-Processor Licensing: DataCenter licenses are based on a per-processor model, allowing organizations to license the server hardware for unlimited virtual instances.
  • DataCenter Benefits: Customers with DataCenter licenses have access to advanced features such as Shielded Virtual Machines, Network Controller, and Storage Spaces Direct.


Windows Server 2019 DataCenter is the ideal choice for organizations that require a highly scalable and resilient server platform for their data center environments. With its advanced virtualization, storage, and networking capabilities, it provides the foundation for running mission-critical workloads with confidence. By choosing Windows Server 2019 DataCenter licensing, organizations can benefit from unlimited virtualization, enhanced security, and improved operational efficiency.

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