Windows Server 2019 Standard

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Windows Server 2019 Standard License


Windows Server 2019 Standard is a robust server operating system designed to support a variety of enterprise-level applications and services. It provides a flexible and scalable solution for businesses looking to improve their IT infrastructure.

Key Features

Advanced Security

Windows Server 2019 Standard includes advanced security features to protect your server infrastructure from modern threats. This includes features like Shielded Virtual Machines, Windows Defender ATP, and enhanced Windows Admin Center capabilities for better security management.

Improved Performance

With Windows Server 2019 Standard, businesses can experience improved performance and efficiency. The operating system is optimized for handling large workloads and supports advanced storage solutions, such as Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica, to ensure high availability and data protection.

Container Support

Windows Server 2019 Standard offers native support for Docker containers, enabling businesses to develop and deploy applications in a more streamlined and efficient manner. This enhances the agility and scalability of IT operations.


Scalability and Flexibility

Windows Server 2019 Standard is designed to scale with your business needs. Whether you’re running a small business or a large enterprise, this license provides the flexibility to support your growing infrastructure requirements.


Investing in Windows Server 2019 Standard can be a cost-effective solution for businesses. It reduces the need for multiple server licenses and offers comprehensive features in a single package, thereby lowering overall IT costs.

Enhanced Management

Windows Server 2019 Standard comes with improved management tools, such as the Windows Admin Center, which provides a centralized management console for your server environment. This simplifies administrative tasks and improves overall efficiency.


Windows Server 2019 Standard is an ideal choice for businesses seeking a reliable, secure, and scalable server solution. With its advanced features, improved performance, and cost-effectiveness, it meets the demands of modern IT environments and helps businesses achieve their operational goals effectively.

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