Windows Server 2022 Standard

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Windows Server 2022 Standard License

Windows Server 2022 Standard: Overview

Windows Server 2022 Standard is a versatile operating system designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities to support various workloads and applications.

Key Features of Windows Server 2022 Standard

Enhanced Security

  • Advanced Threat Protection: Windows Server 2022 Standard includes robust security features to protect against advanced threats and malicious attacks.
  • Secure Boot: Secure Boot ensures that only trusted software components are loaded during the boot process, enhancing server security.

Improved Performance

  • Scalability: With support for up to 64 CPU cores and 256 TB of RAM, Windows Server 2022 Standard provides improved scalability for demanding workloads.
  • Storage Spaces Direct: Organizations can leverage Storage Spaces Direct to create highly available and scalable storage solutions using commodity hardware.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

  • Azure Integration: Windows Server 2022 Standard seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure, enabling hybrid cloud scenarios and providing additional flexibility for businesses.
  • Azure Active Directory: Organizations can use Azure Active Directory for centralized identity and access management, simplifying user authentication and authorization processes.

Licensing Information

Windows Server 2022 Standard License

The Windows Server 2022 Standard license offers organizations flexible deployment options and cost-effective licensing based on per-core pricing. Key aspects include:

  • Per-Core Licensing Model: Licenses are based on the number of CPU cores in the server, allowing organizations to optimize licensing costs based on their hardware configurations.
  • Flexible Deployment: Windows Server 2022 Standard can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments, providing organizations with deployment flexibility to meet their business needs.


Windows Server 2022 Standard is a powerful and reliable operating system that provides enhanced security, improved performance, and seamless integration with Microsoft Azure. With its flexible licensing options and support for modern hardware configurations, it is an ideal choice for organizations looking to modernize their IT infrastructure and support their evolving workloads. By choosing Windows Server 2022 Standard, organizations can benefit from a secure, scalable, and cost-effective server platform.

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